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Don’t worry, it doesn’t lack potential, you are just behind to take some measures like Talent Mapping

Let me tell you what Talent Mapping is!

Talent mapping uses a definite method to estimate the keenness and presentation of your current workforce against the variations ahead.

Here are some key benefits of Talent Mapping


Benefits of Talent Mapping

1. Building the Best of Your Business’s Top Players

Talent mapping
 is not a new concept – recruiters have been using this tactic for years. Illustrating a visual map that tells you wherever the top talent lies, and how to reach them. However, using competitive intelligence to syndicate sourcing and pipelining is much more about strategy than intuition.

2. Drawing a Visual

Talent mapping helps recruiters to understand the unique overview of the talent pool – a visual diagrams of where talent is available, and where there is a shortage. The benefits of getting large candidate pools are obvious, a recruiter can simply target the candidates in an area based on where they currently work, or projects that have to work on.
Similar to sequence planning, having an overview of the talent pool is important for good staff planning.

“As a recruiter, your capacity to predict a talent lack let you to arrange for the future, and any fluctuations that may come. This capability to predict a talent lack also let you to arrange alternative credentials and skills that may fill the part, and categorize solutions with your hiring managers.”
3. Identifying Top Talent

We can do more with the help of Talent mapping rather than just visualize the figure of candidates by location however. advanced talent mapping plans allow recruiters to imagine the career paths of top talent within their industry. This is particularly effective because the top candidates in any field are always already employed. Tracing their paths to their current roles can give you unique insights into their inspirations and where they may wish to move to next. Utilizing the knowledge provided by talent mapping, you can start to build better relationships with passive candidates and get to know who ranks top in their field.

4. Staying Ahead of the Competition

Advanced talent mapping can act as a benchmarking device to ensure that your tactic and profits remain competitive. Talent mapping is an vital way to identify the activities of competitors, and trends in your field.

Talent mapping is quickly becoming vital function for recruiters and businesses alike. We know you’d like to be ready for every possibility, but it’s hard to know where to start.

“If you are interested in learning more, or outsource your talent mapping projects.

Yes! You’ve got to the right platform. Audentia research is one of the best talent mapping provider “

Established in 2012, Audentia is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company registered in the UK and India. We are a global talent mapping and pipelining partner for rare and leading positions across the globe.
In an industry where so many broken promises are made by vendors, Audentia Research became a true partner and put the client and candidate at the epicenter of everything we do. As a result, many of our client relationships have lasted well over 7 years
Our multi-lingual team, based in London and Mumbai, carries out candidate research globally across a wide range of sectors and role types.


4. Escalation in Employee and Manager Engagement

If you’re looking to increase engagement in your company, implementing a TMS can help. The employee profile allows employees and managers to interact with the employee’s professional career development. An integrated TMS solution encourages them to invest in the organisation and align their daily work with the business goals.

Investing in an integrated Talent Management System will allow you to be more strategic, more aware and free up time to focus on the talent you have hired.

5. Building your own assets

Organisations have usually used performance/potential nine-box grid mapping tools that chart individuals’ capabilities and assess them in terms of presentation and potential for their current roles and future potentials. Talent mapping exercise can help benchmark your talent pool/individual roles to the talent available in the market, skill gaps and future development needs.

How Audentia can help you in Talent mapping

In sustenance of our clients’ future business plans, Audentia offers a talent mapping service. Our sector expertise across the world means that we can provide our clients with an in-depth analysis of how their organisational skills compare to others in the sector, whether it be the Automotive

Banking, Chemicals, Digital,  E-commerce, Energy and many more Renewables sectors

Our service has become increasingly popular with clients over the last few years.

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