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Unbarring the endless opportunities for your business

Audentia Group is a Global Business Solution Provider offering exclusive services to Businesses across the globe. Spearheaded by industry stalwarts, we bring to the table a bouquet of smart solutions to take your businesses to a whole new level. 

We believe that service is an all-pervasive and never-ending activity. Under the Audentia podium, we take care of end-to-end solutions for any business through our various verticals- Talent Research, Data Management, and Accounting Services.

With our global presence in countries such as the USA, UK, and Canada, we have been creating many stories that flaunt our quality, reliability, expertise, and cost-effectiveness. By leveraging technology for all processes and implementing them with the client’s perspective in mind, Audentia Group has forayed into various territories and left an indelible mark.

Audentia Research

We help you innovate

Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength-Sigmund Freud

We help you find your vulnerabilities; help you move from strength to strength.

Your Growth Strategy is Our Problem Statement.

Market penetration…. Market development…Diversification. Talent Search …
With you ..all the way.

The Right Solutions for all Business.

Finding real-world solutions and landscaping excellence is our forte.

Time to embrace success: The Audentia Way.

Entrepreneur…Corporate Business…Proprietorship…Partnership…Start-Ups…SMEs…

We have got you covered.
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Ethos (Vision)

Creating the smart path for smart businesses.

We want to be recognized as the world leader in offering end-to-end Business Solutions delivering outstanding quality in the minimum time. Instead of quantifying, we believe in quality, and hence our vision is to grow and known because of our high-quality customer satisfaction.

why us

We invest in our clients in a big way, being in the driving seat till they reach their destination. Audentia Research has come up with countless ways to make the right talent get the right platform. We believe that to run the world’s most desired company you need the world’s best available talent. Bringing the two together is our responsibility.

Projections that We Follow (Mission)

Reliability Unmatched...

We offer business solutions that enable organizations to make quantitative and qualitative progress in their business setup. We have projected to be the top specialists providing realistic, cost-effective solutions for our client’s exponential growth.

From Advent to Now

2012: Audentia Research: an ISO 9001:2015 certified company

12th January 2018: Humble Beginnings- Constrio Established

2nd February 2018: The next step-

What we Stand For: ETHICS.

Deontological: Adherence to individual moral obligations
Teleological: Ruled by Consequences  
Virtue-based: Solely guided before taking Decisions 


Integrity and accountability is the founding base of our value system. We believe in doing things the right way taking responsibility and working with perseverance and diligence till the goal is achieved. 


2nd Feb, 2018

Exhibition Planning & Exhibition Management

21st Jul, 2018

Growth internationallyfirst half of the 2018s

19th Aug, 2018

The purpose of the business plan

2nd Jan, 2019

Focus business history on what matters to planning

22nd Sep, 2019

History to Unite and Inspire People

12th Jan, 2018

Establishment of Constrio

8th Jul, 2018

Registered as a construction company

18th Aug, 2018

Construction bought the Greek company Delta

27th Sep, 2018

For lean business plans, operational plans, and strategic plans

8th Jul, 2019

Award winner

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